Dictionaries Galore

Most people have at least one dictionary at home. Some, such as teachers, translators or writers for instance, may have up to twenty or thirty. Come discover, in exclusivity for Linguafest, a small sample of Olivier Kaiser’s unique collection of more than 1,500 dictionaries: dictionaries of language(s) and of things, which will allow you to realize the amazing range of what is still too often called “the” dictionary. Many are decidedly unusual (Did you know that there is an entire dictionary devoted to the F word? And that another one lists almost 3,000 synonyms of “drunk”, including three made-up ones for copyright protection, called mountweazels?). Let yourself be guided through a strange but fascinating world!

Saturday 30th September from 1-3pm

Sunday 1st October from 11 – 12pm

Sunday 1st October from 4 – 6pm


Word Grid

The aim is to find a maximum of words in the grid, be they in French, English, Spanish or Russian.
Permanent activity.

Au delá de “Olá” et “Obrigado”

Camões - Centre culturel portugais
60 min.
Camões – Centre culturel portugais à Paris vous invite à participer à un cours interactif d’initiation à la langue portugaise.
Venez nombreux!
Date :
samedi 30 à 10h, durée 1h


Palindromes and company

Find as many as possible in various languages.
Permanent activity.

Drawing competition for Proverbs

Illustrate multilingual expressions that convey the concept of “being stupid” – a prize for the best drawing ! (Rosetta stone jigsaw puzzle) !
Permanent activity.

Languages of Europe

Find the names of European languages in the grid.
Permanent activity.

Treasure Hunt

A questionnaire with the answers to be found amongst the various exhibitors.
Permanent activity.

Various Calligraphies

Over the 3 days you will have the opportunity to discover various calligraphies (from the Greek kállos meaning beautiful and grapheîn, to write) and différent types of writing.
Permanent activity.

Tower of Babel

Make a Tower of Babel out of our wooden building blocks or our 2000 Mundolingua toilet rolls !
Permanent activity.

Nushu – secret ancient writing between Chinese women

120 min.

Watch how certain Chinese ladies communicated in secret in the past.
Sunday 1st October from 4pm – 7pm.

Mother Tongue Statistics

We will ask at the entrance what language you spoke with your mother at the age of 3, to generate the stats for our visitors to Linguafest.

Chinese Calligraphy

Passeport pour la Chine
60 min.

Organised by Passeport pour la Chine.

Saturday 30th Sept 3pm

Sunday 1st Oct, 3pm

Taboo Words

(Swear Words !) To be tried out in the temporary fitting room !
Permanent activity.

Name in many forms

Write your name in Braille, phonetics, WinPitch, Calligraphy, Esperanto, other alphabets, code and find out about its history.

Permanent activity.

Fun activities around Tibetan

Various activities to discover the Tibetan language and alphabet.
Saturday 30th Sept and Sunday 1st of October from 2pm – 5pm.


A joint project to a create a book with your puns from any and many languages.
Permanent activity.


Hangman is a game whereby one must guess the word chosen by the other, guessing the letters that make up the word.
Permanent activity.


Have fun with our giant Scrabble carpet. Possible in English, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and phonetics !

Permanent activity.