It is with the greatest of pleasure that we present the Language Festival LINGUAFEST !

Since 2015 there has not been much in the way of language fairs in Paris. The museum of languages MUNDOLINGUA has therefore decided to organise, at the same time as its 10th birthday, a festival to celebrate our rich linguadiversity before it disappears.

This fair will take place from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2023, each day from 10am to 7pm in the lovely Halle des BLANCS MANTEAUX, 48 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75004 Paris

7 continents

Our fair has been divided into 7 sections :

1. Publishers and bookshops : a large number of teaching methods, bilingual books, dictionaries, linguistics publications…

2. Immersion Travel : Now again possible, travel to discover and learn languages in situ.

3. Lecture and Events Space : A large collection, drawn partly from the monthly soirées at Mundolingua over the last 10 years including talks from some of the exhibitors, a games session, a multilingual reading of The Little Prince and more …

4. Language Schools – for all ages.

5. Institutions : such as various museums, UNESCO (which has just launched its decade of indigenous languages, the new museum of the French language at Villers-Cotterêts…

6. Culturel Centres – roughly 30 languages will be represented, presenting their language and culture.

7. Various associations connected with languages, based in l’Ile-de-France, be they for the very young, still young or retired.

In parallel there will be spots for eating and workshops/activities, like: graphology, calligraphy, trying out languages, documentation, games…..